Seeing stars. States of stares. Construction desimmilar – Junkers fallen my payment. A bit of your spaghetti. Slow it down. Memorandum of silence and food for though. A rinse- lost and stolen

Love of concentration. The professional victim; feeding off my energy. The negative geared pasta decision. Vegetarian sadness. I can’t afford. Affront the scene. Stairs curl back into your eyes. Two cones open up. Jabbed maybe we can’t be together. If you shower what I’m thinking- what I’m saying with love.apped paths. Sunny gays, wrangled thoughts of rainbow lusting home. Oh but soft. Random dark dogs. Digging chatty bollock. What’s so important. Shhhh. Pipe down staring pond. Eyes like the top of water. 

Meatballs down, everything else is gravy. Fussy parts and capers. Sex is a song. Hands up unspecialised squarker. Unsocialised I say. Correction- energy Off. You don’t know how to socialise. Frowning soft sadness.

Eyes like the surface? Or eyes

Like the depths? Rounding depths? Party in the paddock. Tune up. Women in the room?

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