Laying next to the Axum. Let down- paper trails of sick. Pointless mumbling, hilarious angry randomness. The fixation of matter- natter. Shadows identify me. Next to next. What next- such energy of spires and pricks of spite. Spitting nonesense. Talent, everlasting, maybe changing. 

Beach. Respite, despite inspire of this rest. Race and shoulder checking “where are you babe”. A checkout- bottoms, skin, pocketed decent sized, ushering with power. Shady shade. Dancing in the street. Too loud. LUD. Blood sipping, ‘coming at me’. Never again. Laughing guards. The night watch. My eyes close, instinctively flat into the door. Pain, embarrassment, humiliation, pissing yourself laughing at my expense in the line of duty. 

Compensation. Slip it. Take it, fall, fart and penguins slides no rest for the sack man. Always looking for a sick man. A suck man. In need man. Wasting, iron mouth. Lead love vampiric retro. Slipping on blue blood. 

Pistons fuse my mouth, and clout shourds my eyes- fluttering beneath flying lashes. Many, hated and holy holding moments. No business, both ways. Renegade, cavalier. Struck out lights. Come after us. Say my name. Hustle. Hope and sink deep in your prayers. Axe my heart and cross our wires. I’ll let you tell me things I don’t want to hear. Baby. xo

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