Colour of rent

Walking home on an immaculate day.comfortable, smiling happy.Passing that summer girl. In a dress to suit the day I think later, maybe.

Because I looked her in the face and held her gaze; smiling. No teeth, just right. It’s a nice thing. Give people nice things. Her scent, mellow and sweet. I appreciated, thanked in

My head, my heart. Smiling, laughing as only moments before in the wide open, under the sun. I’d farted. 

Sweet summer smiles as you pass me by and I appreciate, wonder, think and apologise. 

My knee hurts. My eyes ring. Silence and numbness. Life isn’t fair. Jobs, objectives- work and tasks and asking. Never ending wants needs and riding direction. 

Promise me an end- skill less menial tasks. Teach me and I’ll learn. Focus, watch wander and want for hope of heavy hearted hold ups. Meal skill. Skipping lungs with buttered pancreas. Luck of remedy my lady, he swollen punch drunk lips of wining face. Abuse sprays as my blood, wrists slit for sluts to share with chaos brilliant red. Rich nothings not spilt. Lemon tart of my lips as the day fades and my spirits are broken. Remember when you said that’d be the day. Suited eccentric. Hope of stokes broken and all you really do is abuse the woman inside your heart. On your tongue, in your eyes. Gouged shouting strangeness arranged in cloven dispositions. Hard packed understanding as dense as crushing decay. Cars and fuel inject disillusionment into my sphere of lost pages. The boy- hope, dreams and all that’s special slip away as the Nile of tears paddle my face. Clipping shuddered breaths. Clopping shoes, from feet slap rigid marks across hides. Punching destroying something beautiful. Like silence. Defeated, naked. Rigid Fucking lines of redness. Princely feather of my plucked out eyes. Iris, girls. Lovingly I lose myself. “At least my hair will grow”. The curtain of my world. Sorry- goodbye.

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