Sun spots

In the sun,

The open air. 

Tactful L

In underwear.

Under roof

Sheltered rain

Writing down

With sweet refrain.

And we rush as we rush and we rush. Gushing running waiting, timing looking hating stressing.

When does become internal? All of this, staring at the mountain. There’s a low hanging rainbow, the deep set cloud masks and hides, retreats and excites.

Others are worrying if they’ll get a ticket. Thanks.

Thank everybody. I’ll pay, you’ll pay we’ll all pay you back. What’s inflation and interest if not the wheel of risk and predictive text. Trends and touch points run rings around us as bandits on the walking track materialise in their many different forms. We’re safer than ever- pay your way. Ears, eyes, forsoothed my tongue. Tongs clench at bumping hearts gripping and rallying screams as we wrench apart. I reach out to you, embarrassed and hating my needs. I cast the dice by stepping out. Amongst the birds, the gypsy folk-lore tells of crippled dragons and King Eagles. Running feathers down my back – to shiver and reel away from all I see and hear. Feel.

Feel that tension, unexpected, jaw clenching ticklish-mess. 

Meshing pleasure with other things, beware as breath comes short and teeth grind. Tearing eyes weep silent reflective thoughts, bliss of movement and stretched limbs- a yogic OM passes you by I the form of a car exhaust. You tire, and the sun blares down. Rain stopped. Hos the book? Dawkins is rich with ideas, so wonderful- down he ro-and-rows articulate moving notions. Riddling currents with me and you and our shared beliefs. Tolkien’s Niggle paint our meme of knowledge. Capacity for symbols become meaning interjumbled. Chaos and porridge rain illness with digestion. Burping flavours reminisce and predict. Laughing giggle-loops threaten as I hinder thenthreat. Stoppage. Clasp, breathe don’t vomit. Hold it in. When does it become internal? my… Absorbed. Feelings and sickness. Vomit in a towel and keep going. Unwashed- crying skull of tears. Arris arrivals of chapped lips stop trains and strangers. Suicide flux, pacts of deathly self reprisal, repose of a rose picked and plucked, petal fuels my gruelling struggle onwards. Words from

My mouth. Exinternal. Eternal Co2 canister. Insecure suffocation. Zip tied lips and Velcro feelings; bind us. I’m out of town, sneaking out the red doorways, forward to lift. Glass tinted removal. The villain of seeing this beach for the first time. Accented, deaf. Whole dug. Below, sharp immaculate ! nOt innaccurate crispness!!!! Right to business. CRISPINNNNNNNNNN. Protege moi. Read, wright. Alleviate, shoeless style sickles sickness barbarism, China southern. Money invention- fake riches bail out. Why can’t I do that?

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