Lafa Hack

Half fill bath (warm), this means you can hop-in and slowly add hot water. Allowing for a longer and more intensely heated bath.

You never know when you’ll need an account’s manager.
– (“wait” I thought)… yes you will.

I saw a strange woman put a cd into a buskers case.
I think it said “Earth Sheila”.
Pick-up lines and publicity.

“Cool” is the new conversation ender.

Powerfully , pouting, Putin, punchin, pleasant, protein, poutine, powder.

She said from her balcony: “Thankyou”
I waved away thinking – don’t use your language on me.


A visitation of hai-kus.

A vision of horse
Blood fairies captured and killed
Nothing is resolved.

How did we get here-
Man? Woman’s tits, faces all-
joy. Issued spaces.

The arrival here.
engendered face, physically
rounded, fat smiling.

Cosmetic dicks are
grilling your expectation
Paint, plast, smoke, mirror.

My dear mother.
MONA and the exhibition “the museum of everything”
Turkish detected, people with disabilities.
Literally insane, amateurish.

Compare and contrast = are the same things by their definition.
In A-ANG: Campara and catrast.
CAN & CAM. Saa and saa.
C as daffarant to Saa


“I’d love to overstay my welcome – but i’m not going to.” – Rowan Hutchison

Monochromatic is my art.
Black, white and blood.

OG Destinations.

I have an idea!
And idea?
It’s more than some,
But less than most.

Life is fine
Enif Si Efil!

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