Post P day. Feeling Ai.

Parallels exist between the poetics and philosophical notion of nature’s preeminence to the human being. William Bronk’s “midsummer” exists as a parable to go beyond the reminiscence over nature. Organic reductionist human thought in its consideration is suggested to reposition the importance of the reader and more broadly the human’s centrality to earth’s purpose. Seeing the natural environment as a means in itself rather than resource is a philosophical notion touched upon by the pastoral-esque philosopher Heidegger. His musings over human instruments creation corresponds to our detriment. Critiquing industrial modernity from his removed position in civilisation, to that of the hardship of pastoral life, reminiscent of the philosopher Epicurus he questions – “making a world of disposable stuff” and highlights the problematic viewpoint of Man as ‘lord and shepherd’ over Earth. through Heidegger’s Ecophilosophy Art and poetry are to play a role in what he calls ‘saving the earth’. Seeing Art as this “death denying project of world mastery” allows us to frame The Romantic’s movement as a response to the Industrial Revolution to have shaped the construction

Of nature. Furthermore this return of the pastoral into the human psyche has made for a revision of what is important to be noted in nature.

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