P Day

May Day May Day!
The end of troubles, I saw an ex yesterday. We walked we talked.
I stared into here eyes. She reads to many romantic novels. That’s OK I said.
Her boyfriends doesn’t give her enough. That’s OK I said.

The french don’t always capitalise their je. That’s something I had to think about.
More terrorism during Ramadan, that’s something I need to think about.
Homework and ethical dilemmas and ecocrititcism, that’s something I need to think about. References. Writing thoughts. Logocentrism.

I need to re-write those words given to me by that girl that I went for a walk with.
She’s so smart, I’m so shallow.
Poetry poetry.
Jules. Jewels.

I thought I was the-
only one, to freely speak
of dates and vomit.

Perfume Lady Millien

Coded words: Chill, tired, sleep, netflix, come in for tea.

IDEA FOR CANNIBAL CRUISE – 26th May, 2017, 21.40
Less than 1% of my thoughts hatch.
Less than 1 thought leaves the nest.
Less than 1 flies
None die of old age.


And the girl next to me said:
“Why are the girls so shit”Irish accent?

Curry as event!
SQUIDGE! Nickname for Linds
Cardamom the stimulant
Humans as birds.
Arms and legs and feathers and pests.

SPACED – the show

9th Piano at the Con. 1pm.

There are no cheap versions of baby food,
why is there no “Home Brand”?

The pictures on frozen meals–
Dogs breakfast, aliens placenta.

“The man gives his penis to the woman”

Your mouth has got to be looking like your hand when you wave… [6th of May, 16:30]
Mortal danger, the land of unrest! 5th of May 21:56

Catherine: Hair Girl
Nina. Names at 9.18pm 21st of April.

What did the accountant file sunscreen under?

Silent but vaguely positive.

Original word. Thoughts. Wants. here we go:

adjectives: next, past
verbs: freeze, bump, scraping, replace,
nouns: sequence, shape, eon

WEach poem addresses itself
not on
merges dialectics and lyric:
weakest force,
i as “central”

egocenterless, narra-language and assumptions of that object
begin at an inner difficulty.
But questions form, structures in kind
Thus imagination. What can we know, what can be known?
the roll of words-
off tongues deep in epistemology!
Thinking about the world changes the world. Awareness breeds a paradoxóit makes the fullness of the world dissolve. The moment we imagine something is known it slithers away. We exist (but where). We imagine we exist. Consciousness is forced to grapple with the problem of the present tense. Memory is comfort. And yet the difference I detect in the sounds of cars and trucks going by on their way to the harbor, which a moment ago occupied my attention, means nothing to me now. Bronk replaces memory with thinking. Only the edges of events have meaning. Yet the substratum is constant: desire, love. We understand what we see in how we
ick. To think-
Give anyone stick?
This concern of born desire is central to deconstruction,
philosophy? never afray
courts and hems- dance.
Do not.
More than,
our tests for him
His poetry is a truth:
Separated ideas of every unless
cause of yours
threatens to
leave us without final words
your splendid collapse-
styles collides!without creating argument.
think simultaneous crux!
Going to come before and after–
Infer if you dare, I broke it, Broken off,
Lay still love.
No I remains. Not mine,
not a pursuit of cent nor belief.
A halting rhetoric bought with severity
toward going on after the end.
Yet we do not want to phone
Return to the beginning of the role.
Roll, call:
there was a civil thing, when we arrived there was a tree
too parted, slips and flips backwards.
Done and outspoken. Grasp ladders where there are no separations between rungs
Phonetic language represents ideas and that which embodies sound images. refuses to gratify thirst and imagery these are my sensibilities.
Yellow fog eats my hand’s poem. hardly abstractions. More abash, unwashed and abrasive auctions of sentience spots.
Blowing holes in the fog, cyclone hive. Outside of chest cavity in the engulfing mark of missed breath and asthma.
Nothing remains unknown, nothing is known. Each moment is the destroyer of All places are one Here and there are nowhere and not opposites a world with such elsewhere; certainty it the how of how.
Can it serve as arresting measure for fluxed discourse
and an awakening of old urgency, life may localise reflections
unknown, halved then halved again.

Porridge, pasta, potatoes, pepper, peppermint.
Q tomorrow.

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