I cannot believe my mind.

Christianity’s depiction of God? Problematic in it being an ideal that transcends the human condition. Then there was “The Enlightenment”, brought about by the French (Refer to: Classic Westerners list). Enlightenment rejected the idea of God/&/Jesus as the central figure that guides human decision. Its suggested the ‘individual’ is the centre of the universal experience. This individual is a scientific, educated human at the centre of it all. This takes me to the subjective, which is slightly off topic, but makes me think of subjective categories and interpolation, which is my only defence at the moment to all negative feelings. Numbing oneself to all interactions and associations, understanding that nothing relates to me directly, allows for an autonomous existence where I am my own god, privileged and ghostly white, fearing the darkness of death that has consumed every single person before me. In the mean-time, I can make decisions that will effect my life and affect my mood.

So honest, so rotten.
When you talk over the top of someone and your ideas are shit.
and you want them to speak again, because you cut-off their beautiful talking, with your own nonsense. Reciprocation is difficult.
So is speaking your mind, sometimes your mind is rot.
Honest rot, hollow wind, psycho-babble.
Relentless. Tired tide of ill-tidings.
Rings that run runs around rings.
Wicket to wicket. Wicked, rickety, rustling, ticket.
Sticket in your window. Otherwise you’ll be fine.
Fined. Find money.
Tax and honey. Cream and jam.
Dates, ham, cream, walnuts. Creckers, salt. Cherry. Straw-brerry. Liberry.
Books and Tooks and lay-low Bilbo.
Packin Bags-in, ins and a Thins, or “crisps” and it all changes with your pronounciation. Your wrapping, rapping timing rhyming flow.
Let go, roll-o.
Over, clover. Lucky to end it there. Move on to another song.

Pa = Dad.
Pat = Me.
Pat = Action
Pat = Shit
Pat = Sound
Pat = Dad + T.
Tea with Pa.
I will be your plus one. Your additional. Your follower. Extra.

Today I ran in a race.
Race race race.
Peas. Peace ‘Bromide’
Natural urges to fight,
to breed. Who’s running-
the place Pat? Think;
The pink people. ‘Paddies’
The Irish! Bigger than Ben-
evaluation. Auditors, homeless
Journals. Shout outs, sack the
lazy slags.

Spark notes from a chat with dad.

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