Opened-ing the weather tab on my creditless phone.
Looking, and i’m alone, looking.
I checked-ing the outcast forecast.
Raining rain, wash my skin of colour-ing.
Spots and sports, perforated, perpetrated.
Swimming too deep, deeply and deepening.
Ears, eyes, mouthing sores. Mimicry of suffering.
Gimmick of ideas-sing.
Sign, cosign, shapes: shaping.
Categorizing. And I looked-ing at the half-cast.
Stones, and season-ing. Salt and pepper. Spores.
My reaction-ing too all this. Sing?
Singe. Monkey. Singe. Blackened-ing.
Watching the weather.
Worrying, woolgathering clouds.
Wurthering Heights, withering our collection.
With erring. Thoughtsing, conclusioning.
Drawing in charcoal.
The assumeding page of white.
paging memory, farming boys-
“as you wishing”.
The raining beginning before you checked-ing.
Queen of multi-direction.
Full movementing, straightbackdiagonal-ing.
Weathering wist.
racializing rationalizing
socialinzing, norming, radicalizing.
z z z z (unnorming) – ing.
Action-ing is the new doing in business.
2, too, to. Poly.
My girl will be called Poly.
Pauline. Paulette. Paulette.
She willing, smarting. Triumphant rearing of Nation.
Nation- ING.
Weather shuffled-ing.
My unphoning, formless, worthless payless communing device.
Calls missed-ing. Mist.
Wifi-ing. Wild firing thought.
Destroyed-ing thinking.
As it(ing) ALL reshuffled.

As Thursday 8 and rain. Changed to 9 and sun.
Friday’s clouds became rain.
Saturday & Sunday’s rain shifted swapped.
came into being. Sprung-ing. Spring-not.
Oarsman of death’s boat.
Ferryman of biblical surveillance.
The watchful eye of death providing us our impertinent binary to life.
So the rains stopped coming down.
The black in a role of dominance over the triaged hetrosexual patriarchal reinforcement of whiteness. Passeding down. Filtering like the clarity of rain. Washing our spots. Misting. And the biblical hiddenness, hideous, hinderance to all stagnant affiliations of the subject.
Our interpollation of all of that data.
Stimuli, reactions interdependent in a network of thoughts only.
outside of a cell of thought. Our might.
Senses and view of it ALL.
At which, witching shame. Feminism cast.
Like the stones and bones and tea leaves scattered.
Dried in the Tuesday sun. Unexpected light and Sunday and Saturday are also to be warm and bright. No rain. No Noah.
no ark.
ark ark. A silence of the ocean of notions.
Potions of wish. Wish for better-ing.
Concurrently, pass, action passed.

“I don’t even need your love”

Cumming over the entirity of it.
interracial mixing, like that of Brazil.
The fear of your child not looking like you.
Minds turn to things that we haven’t understood or wanted for so long.
The continuity of something-ing. And race and women and men.
And the conflict of roles. White people as the father. Asians as the effeminate. Blacks as the children. Evolutionary, false. Broken.
The perfect family is a white father, a japanese mother and and and:
an adopted black child.
let us interbreed.
“Just one drop” – racists.
And the hiddened-ing of the Roman Empire in the church.
Poverty cure.
Original big business. Tasked with taxless, thanked
thankless. Tanks of world war two unloading.
fire that singes and sink cannon fodder into tumbling bodies,
German blood and eugenics seen in the crying blue eye of the sky.
Wash it all away.
JJ’s cousin committed a murder suicide.
Jealousy and heart-attacks.
So much passion, non-affilial with work.
Filial to so much more and we get along.
Its all triggered. Guns were the worst of it, place and the individual.
The church, the father the mother and the holy ghost.
White ghosts. Death, life heaven and the angles.
Church’s control and cloak and daggers approach to race.
Reinforcements for the nazi regieme. Nice one Vatican.
And the Tax? The businesses like Colgate that got fined for cahoots with woolworths, and the fine? Where does the money get redistributed.
How does that fine function? Stupidity audited and reimbursement knowing no bounds.
The spirit of whiteness and the soul of blackness.
The conflict of the female role to be pure and clean.
A virgin Mary, the tempted Eve.
The radicalizing and hierarchy of race.
Civic buildings as representation of civilization.
Problematic. Civilized.
The body of Christ. The temptation. The holy, pure godlie.
Fathoming it all, with the rebirth and its representation of overcoming it all. Cumming over it all, interracially. Women and men. Hypersexualized getting together and breeding out all privvy privelidge.
Sperm donations. No sex, all birth is controlled and randomized.
Natural orders. Oral. Ordering, food for binary thoughts that don’t exist.
first and second races don’t exist.
We love complaining.
We will find a way to complain and “progress” – though TIM doesn’t like the word.
Our world singes.
Signing. Sighing. Inging.
post shit, post that. Everything is post. The age of post.
Goalpost heads.
white poles. Symbols and signified.

“Just somebody that I used to know”


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