Dysphoria Dysphagia

Psyche – S
Physic – H

E. E.
e. e.
Cummings et cetera etcetera.

Pshy – guy
Sphy – girl.

Pushy. Sophy
soap. pee


Worries over pay slips.
We’re all fucked.
We just need some place to work comfortably until we die.
Satisfied mind. Bollocks.
Waiting, tired. Late nights, brain jelly.
Mush, wasted.
Thoughts keys, eyeballs rolling.
Loss of mind.
Alack alack a lack.
And manwomantrans.
Pronouns. Respects.
Satisfaction bullshit!
Riddled, free, different, wanting always the other.
Oppressed. Depressed. Underfoot perspective.
The tussle, tug of war.
I will give you nothing.
You don’t stand over me and help, thats why I do this now.
Now now now now.

broken heart and torn up letters.
A through Z.
Scrambled. No eggs.
No time.

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