You’reWelcome to come over at 6 with Sol for dinner. I’ve invited a few others. We’ll play pool and cards. From then until whenever.


When you hear a flow of words. A construction never formed before.

-Silent but vaguely positive..

Napoleons alone on the eve of battle communing with the alps, receiving their silent counsel.

Inter texts. Epitaxy. Epitaxyepitext! Parapet paratext

Self starving nation of love destructors.

She stopped laughing suddenly and said “why am i laughing” 

There’s somebody else here now; so you (or we?) better keep it quiet.

New game:

Say: who, what, when, where, why, how, which. Say it under different tones.

Resist ‘one’

Say not: The.

Because. I can. 

Greed, is a hungry dad


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