Bed by 7

Skin thin.I use your body to define myself

My love.

Chinese Lanterns- and the Gordian knot. “Line” say it like you’re an actor. Say it like you care and you want to know or say but you forget. 

-but I’ve never acted. 

“Ah so you’d be pretending that you had…” 

All these women, these beautiful women, want something from me. A reaction, never. Silence, patience. Perverted patient I may be. Tired eyes wondering. Wasting watering eyes. No disguise but disgust. A sore stomach from too, too much. And slick throat and cold toes. Sweaty brow, laughter and shameless slick patches of perfection splatter my mundering babble full lead leaf of life. Brittle rusted shrapnel for thoughts. Bombshells, at anger and my own whistling confusion. When who’ll strike. Umbrellas will not protect. Shower bath or shower. No shoes. Slipping slipping lipping.

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