Base your day around being activeAround diet.

Around working toward something.

Around money.

And dad asked me what I’m saving for. It put me in a bad headspace. 

I had sex with a girl- now she puts me in a bad space. 

What am I doing. (It could be worse), he said.

Blundering inside life, without even moving. 



language is the poison.

of love


I’m asking

Black, blackness, the great unknown. Re-United after death. Black screens, computing. Science. Breakdown-disconnect. Knew it all along. Glowing. Permeating. Black, white, grey, yellow. 

Shrouding most. Fog. Mist. Steam of cold hotness. Red white. Off.

Reunited we all are. Each other. The snapshot of the present. Update my computer, I will work for you. Smile and smiler. Miles for miler. Circles of language, action, inaction through stem, prefix, suffix. Minor change of state and temporality: time and space. For a chance, Being, an ever charged boundless opportunity.

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