Too long

I’ve got a few notes, i’m sorry i’ve been away.
Away so long-
Its just my heart hasn’t been in it.
You know what I mean babe.
It was broken.
Fractured. Wrenched.
Hit with lead pip.
Gouged out.
Torn up.

Sweated on.
Beaten down.
Stuffed with tar and oil and pain.
And now i’m back, back to writing again.
Jealousy, madness, sympathy and rage.
All experienced, foretold this sage.

And in my experience.
I become the cynic.
Cyanide, ebbs in my putrid lake.
My fettered choices, another mistake.
And i’m dubious, i’m careful of feelings-
feeling it thoughtful, thinking of time.

Because we’re not getting any younger.
And we’re all gonna age.
We aren’t getting any younger babe-
Hearts, submerged for sharks, but for being locked away in a cage.

We could look like a rolling stone,
This could all be a snowball effect.
We could look like Jagger does now.
And that’s my heart; don’t nag, don’t frown.

I think she’s hot.
I think she’s great.
I like her.
So I don’t care what you say.
I don’t even mind her bottom.
Big and round you say?
I say, We aren’t getting any younger Dad.
So while you’ve got it-
rock it.

Some horrible people out there.
And they never get what they deserve.
Bad people in the world.
And they never get what’s coming to them.

We use bad people to define ourselves.
bad people play a role.
Your understanding of bad is ONLY and JUST-
Where you are at currently in your life.
You will change.
All things change.
You’re happy today, sad tomorrow.
And then you’re happy again, or sad, or dead.

Let there be horrible people.
But rejoice in not being them,
Don’t even acknowledge them.
Draw only the good out of people, if you can.
If you can do that.
Can you?

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