What’s the point of life?
How do you do that?
-You work it out.

Find examples of books like Horten Heard a who.
Human beings have no scope.
Size of our beings, the shapes and function of the universe.
I can barely factor everything worthwhile together.
The tools of language for thoughts and linkages that make sense.

That seem logical. That can be perceived and experienced.
This universal thought, extrapolated, fed into, cogitated and masticated upon constantly. Formed and re-formed and shaped and said in all different ways.
The cell. The size, of us, of germs, of the atom, of the forces at work.
Of the many many small decisions, and multitudinal changes. Ongoing.
Mindblowing, minute variables. Unique, beautiful. Other times ghastly and sickening.
The unequatable sum of our tiny eyes, peering, prying, wondering and applying.

Its beyond our just “adding up”.
We try out bestest. We practice and form models and shapes.
We look at nature, we create wonders of our own.
We entertain.
We are virus. We are planet.
Suffering gravity, thoughtless of this most of the time.
Not metaphor or simile; SIM-I-LIE.
We are all.
This goes beyond-
internal to external, minute the massive.
Lost in the space between finger and thumb.
The handle of a door and the hand.
Turn it over some more, all those similar thoughts.
So much samey, samey thinking.
What a common idea that we scratch at.
A twinkle in the eye, respite at the thought blossoms.

Osmosis Jones.
Horton Hears a who.
Perspective and scope.

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