Mira and Mads arrived.
She early,
He right on time.
The rest, higgeldy piggeldy and out of sync.
There was an awkward mood.
Time was spent, wine was made mulled.
Cars were played.
The day was long and strange.
Energy levels up and down.
Billowing, flipping, waving and like the sheets on a bed.
A white flag over the day.
Breaking my back, slapping me on the back.
on my back on the rack.
Sweat, sodden, drained and showered.
The day begun again.
Rebirth. Re-wrecked.

I half packed my bags, much-much a do.
I pinned leaves to my wall as decorations, pulled things down you know…
prepared to leave.
Visited a cafe and drank some tea.
I felt so dry, such a dry face.
Sapped, sucked dry.
Like burnt paper.
Chaffed lips.
Lots of tea, milk and honey.
Scones, jam and chocolate brownie.
All the things to make you jolly.
Then home, change, ice skating with Megan.
A lovely clear eve.
The money is running low.
The time is running short.
I couldn’t concentrate on my school work earlier.
But I can skate backwards-
little by little, showing improvements.
And that’s great, more important.
Savoring those moments.
American Spelling?
My god i’m nervous about my flights. Philadelphia and all that.
It could all go to pants. Really, truly.
My lips are still so dry.

Dinner was skipped once we got back home.
Mira was early.
We talked chit-chat.
Played cards.
Everyone working their angle.
It was funny and nice, I made cheese and apple with sulatanas.
Then we went out to a bar and had a beer.
Smart card games, some of the other housiez lurking around asking questions.
It was nice, but distracting.
Then the bar.
I bought a shares plate, which was sub-standard.
There was the smallest bit of carrot.
So strange.
TZATZ. HUMMUS. olives, pickle, plain flat bread. Standard stuff.
We talked some more, then it was time to leave.
It was long goodbyes, but that shows the worthy-ness, and meaningful relationships that have formed. We cling to each-other in our vulnerability. Times haven’t changed all that much.
Then finally finishing on the weather, the gym, photos, travel plans and snow angels. Jockular German banter.
It was all quite a pleasure.
Home to a light snack and tea;
I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying day, considering how I felt for the most of it. Really truly lovely.
And plans to meet them all over again.
Recapturing and remaking, reforging and reinstating, initiating and instigating, begging, hoping and wishing. To see each-other again, keep in touch and continue on in the half-light that we are now. Beautiful, helpful, clinging. Friends and family.

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