I had a dream about football.
Losing 1-0.
I shouted at the coach,
He said I was speaking french.
I complained about my knee,
He spoke of team morale.

I bumped into a woman with dark skin,
I didn’t apologize I just said “It takes two to tango” don’t worry about it.
She threw two 2dollar coins at me.
I picked them up, threw one onto the football field and gave the other to
a young black kid.
I started running home, and was nearly run over by an old man in a tiny black car.
He didn’t indicate he was turning.
I was edgy and angry.

I had a dream that I had cancer,
I met up with an old teacher that had cancer as well.
We consoled eachother.

Today I’ve much to do.
I need to pack my bags, go ice skating study.

Ugh when you have to share to let people know what everything has gone to shit.
And the funeral.
Spending time, a trip cut short.
Study gone wrong.
Hiding from toxic people.
My safety, and happiness compromised.
I don’t feel healthy.
I feel a wreck.
Grumps, edgy tired,
What is the world coming to

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