Set Reductio

*Curtain raises on women in a sauna.
*Curtain lowers.

*Curtain raises on men in a sauna.
*Curtain lowers.

Curtain raises on a nude man and woman.
Man: Shall we sit?
Woman: It is cold.
Man: Sit on me.
Woman: Isn’t that inappropriate.
Man: Should we go out for coffee?
Woman: Do we have the resources?
Man: Can I have a hug?
Woman: Do you need a hug?
Man: I think so.
Woman: OK. But not now.

*curtain lowers.

*Curtain raises on men and women in sauna.
Man: Why do we always sit quietly in saunas?
Woman: You can do better than a “why” question. If you keep asking why questions you’ll never be happy.

Man: I was happy asking a why question.
Woman: Were you unhappy not asking it?
Man: Yes, I told you I need a hug.

*Curtain lowers.

*Curtain raises on nude man and woman in a group of clothed extras.
Woman: We figured coffee today because its so sunny.
Man: Yesterday all I needed was a hug but I never got it
(These could be made to their separate genders as they walk to meet up)

*The gangs meet at Subway*
Man: Oh my god! These tables are molten!
Woman: I bet I can keep my hand on the table longer than you.
Man: What do you bet?
Woman: A coffee.
Man: How about a hug.
Woman: How about a hug and a coffee!
Man (raising an eyebrow): You’ve outsmarted me again

*They test their pain thresholds on the molten table*
*Curtain closes*

*Curtains raise the woman is in hospital*
Woman: I’m sorry I won that game years ago.
Man: Thats OK Cookie.
Woman: I wish I didn’t have such a pain threshold. Maybe then I wouldn’t have experience childbirth.

Crap I gotta get to class this is terrible.

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