Earth, Art-Eh

There once was a man from Afghanistan, who had three sons.

The Caspian Sea, apparently has Magpies? I thought that were only in Australia.

What is in a self portrait?
Self obsession?
Its like a minor vanity.
Perception of self.
Yourself seen by others.
How they WANT to see you vs how you want to see you.

Its like the vanity chain.
Which sees its apex in children.
Seeing yourself in you kids.

And there I was, gifted with the uncomfort of analysis.
Eyes, glinting.
Bright, bright eyes.
What does it mean about you.
if your eyes change.
Clear, alive. Furtive, confident. Happy.
The colours. Vivid, noticeably brighter.

left side,
right side,
What does the victory of a dominant, or lopsided smile show us?
What does it mean?

When you look at you drafted ideas, your days work and you read one sentence:
“Men could become transvestites, but it would be comic because.”
Nailed it, bonus points for the all inclusive conclusion.
I hope I don’t “WIN” all my debates that way. Talk about train of thought.

Death is the location of all impossible signs. “Fascinated by nothing visible”
Talking as self gratification.
Touching and tasting oneself.

As if to say:
Who am I
What are we humans
We shall not know, for we are the image, the very subject of our own desire.
Too close to ourselves.
Not removed.

The infinite pursuit of an absent object.

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