Lets stay light.

Poor old Edouard.
Has food poisoning, probably from the uncooked chicken he ate.
That, after the appendix debacle and the broken foot.
Deary me, dreary him.

Today for me?
I spent the day in the “loud library”. Where they bring you food and drinks.
Yes, yes a cafe. “pressed” Not depressed, or impressed. I people watched, eaves dropped, even spoke to some strangers.
It all should have been great-
and it was, doing all those things.
But the service dried up.
I tipped after a few hours of work and went on my way.

A girl walked in, was met by a young guy.

“Take a seat”. He said.
“Where are you?” She responded.
“Oh— I work here”. He said.

It was all horribly cute. Awkward and confused.
Like anyone walking in anywhere new off the streets perhaps.
I think I have a class with her.
Or maybe she just has one of those memorable faces.
Maybe it wasn’t her.
I can’t remember looking at that exact moment, just heard, wrote and chuckled.

Oh yes! The word GESTICULATE:
Use gestures, especially dramatic ones, instead of spoken emphasis.
It makes me think “Testicular” for some reason. And I always imagine its bad when someone say’s gesticulate.
Not to worry.

Ah I need new runners and will buy some this Friday.

I went to a barber and got a hot shave, did I say this already?
The barber was OK. His name was Medhi.
He doesn’t drink alcohol, and he will open a cafe soon.

The art.

See montreal play on tuesday, watch Drogba play.

12th Nov. 2016 00:31. I will join you.

Julie and…

Sasha the legend of zelda.

Citizenship and dad.

Currency IS
current see.
People are an ocean, sea, 1:01.
LOL leet speak.



Write birthday message with ‘citethisforme’

Severence from the kinship of both humanity’s genders.

If everything is mental,
Is out thinking what causes tumors?
What can our mind do?
And what does it constantly do.

Why are there televisions in bars and cafes? The diner should be a place of social..

Remember when we went cupping with Ange? He was buzzing. Declan?

Patrick: Do you remember “Angey Babey”, those silly shoes, those red tattoos, the banging of the neighbours, the sitting on the couch, the spilling of the plant, the showers, the night you talked and screamed so loud as you walked arm in arm through the meadows. Do you remember when you thought yourself mad. And man, when she fed you, when she worked down the road. When she moved to Germany. When Tom, the guy with the enormous penis, told you that he knew all of your secrets and you couldn’t guess what they were. Because you don’t have any. And you hadn’t shared what they didn’t know. So how could someone ever know a secret? Strange. I gotta bite my fist on that one. I remember the picnic story that I told about him. God I put my foot in it.

Buying anything for fitness is a sham.

I’m so fussy it’s pointless. Needless for me to explain, I’ll be happy. Which is also unhappy. With everything. For I know nothing is what I want.
We all do.

And i’m up to Mcdonalds.
Gonna go print some stuff. That’s enough shared for now.

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