They say “TWICE” on a condom advertisement.
Like having sex twice is some sort of unicorn moment.
My teacher today said “Literally” as a throw away complimentary adverb.
Strange emphasis if you ask me.

I had a dream a few nights ago. Passed? Past? Nights past.
I’ve had dreams of loose teeth. And then finally I had a progression, my teeth from the top back corner of my mouth came out. But a great many came out in a solid block of my bloody gumline. I don’t know what it means.
I wonder if we are all one consciousness, some kind of hive mind, all intersharing information on a sensational level that we are yet to understand.
If that’s the case, I wonder why there are some people I don’t like, or don’t understand on a face value.

I’m drinking peppermint, tea.
And spending most of the rest of today in bed.
I am shattered.
I wonder how many of the different variety’s of pear I have tried?
I have a lot a lot of reading to do.
Better find me some references and set some alarms in the event that I nod off before class again.
The struggle is real.

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