Only 6

Six and nine. When one is seen upside down, there is no difference.
Yet being upside down is seen in a change by 3.
Symbols and their meanings change.
Yeah great, nobody cares for a basic digress.
Lets talk of sex or something real.
Well six is the devils number, and is only one vowel away from our target audience’s desire. I’ll tell you something real “we had sex”. I remember her saying.
I was sickened somehow, shocked.
Scat Jazz – “squirt jizz”.
The french ears hear what they want, I myself was rolling with laughter.
Scat, shit.

Pick up some leaves
Write the significance of a journey.
Wash clothes

Six is significant to me, because hats the amount of sleep i’m functioning on.
I ate peanutbutter for breakfast and an apple and a carrot.
Last night I had two steaks.
I felt weak, and strange, and off.
I feel that again today but for different reasons.
My head is a bubble,
My thumbnail is red.
The uOttawa computer system is cooked.

Elouise- is the owner of Bluemen Studios.
Where I had coffee in the sun, drank water, chatted and watched the plants grow as the cars drive by. Green and grey, yellow and blue, black and dusty white with envy, wonder and mystery.

“I said I would serve Narnia
But i’m nearly slicing myself” -November 1, 1:33am

You’re so disabled.
You better watch out for fruit flies.
-(whispers) because you a vegetable.

Just one day.
One poem and
But one desire.

Sleep with sunglasses on!

The most recent eggcorn I heard:
“I’ll have my eggs sunny fried up”
… You mean sunny side up?

It is what it is,
people are human,
You always become the thing you hate the most.
*Like someone that makes no sense, but repeats himself.

I never visited the Grand Electric in Toronto.

Oh my god I rememeber the reference.
That series, Charlie Bone was it?
The pianist, magic and snakes and scary stuff.

Will shall be sterner, heart bolder, spirit greater
as our strength lessens.

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