How’s y’ day

So far so good. Continuing the cycle. Trying to stay on track, rest-relax, eat well, exercise, stretch my mind, i’ll for a walk soon.
Today’s post is just a basic update. Cleaning out my room- so there are some random sheets of paper lying around that i’ll record and discard.
Then i’ll pump up my ball and boot.

one was a list of books.
Two was a flavour of burp – capsicum.
three the common question of “what do you study”

and finally 4 had to do with baseball:

Its up its over its out,
Cap back, hock and spit
Make eyes lock and hit.
throw the bat, run a bit
He’s home. Home we scream an shout.

The batter swings- strike
The batter swings- strike
The pitcher throws – hit!
The fielder prepares – mitt
The ball, its up! Long
The batter happy, strong.
The pitcher misery struck
The fielder curse rotten luck
The fans fight and clap.
The happy, horrid hollers of hap.

I felt like a bystander,
an extra in my own life.
I don’t want to be-
“should I don this?” (justify me)
-leave me out of it-

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