Mont Royal

I have returned from Montreal. A french city in Canada.
But for my fatigue I will not retell what I did.
Suffice to say, I got dehydrated. Having fun, riding around. Bed early one night, and late the other. Listening to a guy ramble on about Bollywood and his friends.
He confirmed what I study, and then actively took up a monologue. It was quite something.
I gave Bilbo my vegemite, he was the guy I couch surfed with.
Share the worldly experiences I say.

“What are you doing”
*I ignore the question*
“what are you doing”
– just this. (ask me another question)
“Fair enough”
What dullery!

Lorsque = when/during.

Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
nodding their heads in sprightly dance.

Met a german tourist called Astrid.

MPL.COM in Montreal.

Kiddir, was the guy at reception.

5016A was the password for the door.

“Mike the homeless” – ha has friends in the hood. Big guy; has a hat.
I gave him 3 dollars.

Tequila Jacks. Like Whiskey Jack.
Like the O-Bar of Ottawa. Slutty, basic, clients.
Welcome to drinking – all of you.

Is it weird or progressive when people yell “faggot” out the window of a car.

AH-AH-Ah a gift idea.
Real memories!

werewolf? Oct 8, 2016, 23:10

We Chat – app

My teacher. Lecturer uses the line “Can I get a hand on that” – to the class.


Let anyone among you who is without sin, be the first to throw a stone.

Roxanne – philosophy class.

Strome – tous les même
The tree – all the same.
Charachters: (what I haven’t been motivated to do this year)
Marke Change

Sorry I ask too many questions.
“That’s ok you have a curious mind”.

We all need an addiction. (but do we)

Ingredients for Chinese Moon Cake:
Sugar, salted yolk, flour, vegetable oil, rice flour, melon seed, walnut seed, olive seed, almond seed, sesame seed, water, egg, potassium carbonate, dehydrated sodium acetate, potassium sorbate.

Cooking in the modern worlds has transformed from cook-fire and billy, stove top-pot, to industrialised-isms.

The opposite to the hungry caterpillar.

Books you must read:
Asterix, Harry Potter.

Scholar- random letter type. (makes me think of latin)
Sebastian – lives here.

These are a great many nonsense notes over the past month that I decided to delete.

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