Phone clearing.

Jake is moving in as soon as this week.
I wonder where he’s from. Dear me. Another body. Looks like i’ll be sharing shelf space. Shucks.

“let anyone among you without sin be the first to throw a stone”

Picasso : Missing letters. E,F,G,I,M,N

I remember being young and in class, grade 3/4 and finding out if I dropped a pencil the lead inside would crack, not having my pen license I would sharpen my pencil, and then while writing if the tip fell out it would be entirely a disaster. Colouring pencils the same. And they roll, and fall of the desk and i’d fear. It would encompass me- consuming my perspective – my being. Fear. Loathsome. Fated. Hatred of chance and wonder. My concentration shot, I was to blame. Shame of the self at such a young age. Fuming.

Print out tickets.

Roxanne- Philosophy.

Prank: Print out A4 sheets that say “wet paint” and put them on everything.

Imagine if your eyelids glowed in the dark.

Insult: inslit: sinslit: insult: “white cunt”

“What i’ve done doesn’t matter until the majority crushes me…”

The seating at the bar looks like advanced solitaire. No rules.

Hello my darling. I have taken my time to reply because each letter for you is the heart. I love you also with my head and soul. I feel you, I stress and think of you often. Each day can be a plague if I let my mind wander. You’re far away, and we are free. My life for liberation has never been so watered. Down by want and emotion. You occupy a space in my being that is unique and wonderful. For that I will always live and love for. Hope upon hope: pipe dream come wonderment, be free and be in love and love me as your own for I will ever be. xoxo

I know you’ve spent your night slimming- let’s sit down (angry).
Lets get sweaty.

And the girl said to the guy: “wear tartan, you’ll be in for free”.

My lady queens leaves.

The printing press is slow today.
It’s white-work we wait and pray.

Metis: North American Half-breed.

And that’s when it happened: at the history museum.
He was an attractive looking man, I stared confidently myself.
And that’s when it happened.
“Have you ever seen the whites of someone’s eyes”


Living in a fantasy land.
Augmented yet real
he who leads you by the hand
pleasure’s pain we feel.

Bring us to the fore
Enlightened darkness
Push open the door
Get on the ark-miss.

‘As the old sing, the young pipe’
-Children take after adults.

“Be my mug of wine”
-I am this drink.

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