my mind is full.
Full of it.
whatever it is.
You are full of it too.
We all are. Look at all the double letters in English.

“you are what you eat” – for mindfulness.
This months tactful idea is to take a photo of every meal.
My sister is becoming a personal trainer.
She’s a very motivated individual.
Its fun to test ourselves with things like this.
Enertaining. A good day.
I used the heading to get more hit.
The french don’t like using the word full.
They say its too graphic. *I think.
I was told that once. I’ve fleshed the thought out more, in my mind.
now i’m saying it. Which makes it a belief. Not true.
JUST. something. I said. Once. I can change, we all can.
I hope you’re not mad.

The top selling books last year were all “Colouring-In books”
-For mindfulness.
Ah Mindful. Not mindfull. Mine field.
Messy, fantastic, magical, strange, imagined, made up, pre-historic boogey man of an idea.


“Original thinker”- I got that today from a teacher.
I should be modest. It was an ordinary thought, that probably wasn’t mine.
4 step process.
Got rid of the 2nd step.
Timing is everything.
Job satisfaction.
Hub-ub. Quality control.
Efficiency. Madhouse.
Wild experiments. Large groups of people.
See how they all act. Who know’s what they’re doing.
“we need people to colour in”.
Don’t take me from what i’m doing.

COAXXING. COMMING. -ING WORDS, and the consonant double up. confuses me sometimes.

Exams are like semi-finals.
Not the big time. Not quite the perfect idea of “game day”.
But if you’ve done the work to get there, you want to perform.
This is all temporal.
Mid time. In between. Grey scale.
Not real. Unreal. Irreal. Misreal. Dereal. Quasireal. Stopreal. Parreal.

Assignments call.
I have to do a catchup blog for the other day.
The internet went down, lost my god-damn work.

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