An exchange

I talked to some of my family members yesterday.
My sister and my father. It’s dad’s birthday, and my sister is always lovely to talk to.

To dad, the discussion talked of nazis, birthdays, poetry, travelling and receipts.
With my sister it was a few things. School and exercise and plans for the future and how important it is to spend your time wisely.

We spoke of how the body adapts to strain and stress and exercise. Your outputs over time grow.

I explained to her that muscles are like the humps of camels and that they store energy. When you exercise your body actually steals energy from the universe. Its a great theory she said.

I asked her how she was; she said “great thanks”.
She asked me how I was, I said “yeah, great thanks” – what was funny was in my mind I was still bouncing around her reply. So when I returned her question with the same, I had her voice playing in my ear. It was a funny moment that I related back to her, she laughed.

And finally we spoke of taking over the world. “100 days, to take over the world”, for that is what happens when you stop exercising. You have a surplus of energy.
You do all these wonderful exciting, energized things, and then you get fat.
But you had the opportunity to take over the world.
I’m outpost Canada, Lindsay in Australia, Dad in Japan, Brother in Europe.
We just need to send mum to Africa and we’ll have done it all.

Houses are important, as a base.

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