Birthday pipe-dreams

Singing songs yesterday that include the word chosen by someone in the group.
Harder than it sounds. Maybe If I did more karaoke.

I have a mass of energy today.
Productive procrastination.
Ahhh the sugar in the tea. That’s what did it.
Useless brain, chose words that don’t rhyme.
The last sip of tea is what pushed me over the edgy, energy to excess.

Blah blah blah. I went OK in my exam today. I had hoped to get a few different poems. But I got nothing. It was a bit of a disaster. Not to worry.
Exam on philosophy’s logic (arguments) will be later tonight at 7pm.

I bet i’ll have worn myself out by then. Shucks.
My eyes are not fully awake.
My day has begun. This is how you get die-a-bit-ey-zzz.
Diabetes. Yes good, spelling good.

I swear its everyone’s birthday at the moment. We’re 10 months in. That January month when ever parent was getting busy. Naturally! Good on em.
But that means I need to write a lot a lot of messages to do myself justice.
Maybe not. Weird.
and the girl next door. Named? Weird.
So strange. Ugh I feel full of energy, my mouth is sweet and sour.
I shaved my beard.
I need to be more productive. Surely. Ok study. I will study.

Pipe dream, what did I come on here for? I think I had something to say.
Yesterday I went for a hike.
Oh I should upload those photos and buy a sim card.
Yes yes yes, I should do that. Hmmmm, that’ll happen.
Tomorrow, yes. Number, sim, yes.
What else.
The park, the hike. Alcohol the night before.
Edward went to hospital to get his appendix out.
Timing is terrible! Shucks.
Poor guy.
I went out, got chuggin crazy. Danced with some folks. Met some girls, danced; got air, went back in, danced. So many bodies. So sweaty. Not feeling chatty, just observing people. Standing in a corner, crooked up against the wall, my perch.
I was studying people’s dress. Their fashion. I was a creep I suppose. Silent, watching. Gross politics. Maybe I was getting some fresh fucking air.
I wasn’t staring or gazing or gesticulating or prying or demanding or putting anything on anyone. I stood, recovering, breathing, finding composure. Resting and thinking to myself in a public venue. Alone. And there was nobody at fault.

I jumped over a bike that night. it was ordinary. Some other guy tried to, and he failed. Failed bad. It was so simple, yet… when drinking some people make themselves the example of difficult. The define themselves and their misalignment with mind and body. Trash is as trash does and they were trashed and did a trashy job. Screaming irish banality. Funny and useless. Fall fall fall away. I will suggest, observe and smile. Laughing eyes for the world’s meet and great.
Feet feet feet- happy birthday Eden. From head to toe.
I mean little but say much. This was my intention I think.

I’ll jog afterwards. Yes yes, I’ll do that. Then lunch – eggs probably. Followed by intense cramming. Jolly good. What a splendid afternoon.

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