Today the international meeting thingo was on.
Tomorrow I begin university for real.

I still feel lethargic.
I think I need to go for a run.
Maybe give the gym a try.
Mix it up anyway.
A couple of early nights wouldn’t go astray.
Many many things to achieve.
Feeling a bit tired.
I need energy to tackle these tasks.
I want clarity to hold all these ideas in my head at once.

Today I realised a good friend of mine in Melbourne;
his younger brother is in hospital with pneumonia.
Scary thought, losing a loved one.
Especially a family member, like a brother.
I dare not imagine, and can barely fathom the hurt it would inflict to the fabric of my being. What a state.
So with that thought, accompanied by the ever present basic existential “Nothing matters really, except for that which you attribute meaning and thus give value”.

So I wrote him a poem.
Because poetry deals quite well with the tragedy of life.
It rhymes, its a cute little test that everyone can partake.
If they follow the poem, if they read it through; how it affects them will be different. Some will be moved, others without care. Relevant or with a prefix, people having read something so easy as a basic poem will be influenced.

So this is what I wrote:

Bed+Babes & Icecream –

His name is Mitch,
He knows how to party.
His company’s rich-
handsome and hearty.

Take not for granted-
times, love and affection.
These days he’s planted,
test-tubes in erection.

But soft we will pray,
better fortunes afield.
Bounce back today.
Best wishes are sealed.

“Mitchy, you’re a radical and energetic young man.
You have a loving family that will always be there, and a bright future to look forward to. I send my positive thoughts and energies your way.”

Things are often defined by their contrasting nature,
Therein beauty and enjoyment can be found in sickness.
Recovery, patience and invalidity are reflective times.
Not something to become addicted.
But the idea that these times, simply by seeking out comfort can be good.
Mind, there is no feeling like freedom.
You are momentarily mothered again, your issues to be absolved.
This is only a buffering stage. You are required to recover.
Please, please, please. Recover.
Seek new feelings.
Sense the free world.
Find perspective, in this time.
Be rambunctious and pugnacious, fight-
By all means. But do so with good in intention.

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