Idle + Ideal.

No free store today.
“Gratuie magasin” – or something.
Practicing french every day. My spelling will grow.
English major doesn’t mean you can write in another language.
The phonetic rules are all off kilter.

Been doing a bit of poetry and thinking.
Nothing great.

Are we all the hero of our very own dream?

Psychological reactions?

One consciousness.


I am the hole in a butterflies wing.
She was the warmth, that snowmelts bring.
With change & food-high happiness, hinge.
Our full newfound (pockets)/comfort lacklustres, impinge
Hope is but a niggle, new narcissus cling.
Wrought with richness forever fragile.

“I” believe in the power of human movement.

“Self” Actualize

What is “true”

What is “real”

As the old dog, what is expected of you. I mean. If we’re going to go out. What to do. Visit the country proper. For real.

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