One after another

Birthday has been and gone 25!
Kids alive!
Megan gone, gifts given and brotherly surprise.
Emotional downs and ups, as life delivers daily, freely.

Back to organising my own life.
Exercising, planning, saving, sunning, sweating, swearing,
meeting, asking, thinking, playing, drinking, eating, procrastinating.

I read the book that my friends and lovers made me.
Like a paper plane to the heart, their words made me feel.
Opened up, wanted and known.
It was an emotional wave that rose below my eyes but above my nose.
I couldn’t breath. My body drank in the words and memories.
Salt threatened to pour out of my eyes. My heart, thudding.
The wave passed me.
I sunk to my knees. Thoughtful and full of gratitude. All words had been washed from me away to the fathomless depths.
My heart clear and filled with love.
Life is so beautiful, people are so kind.
Things are so easy to achieve and say.
My barriers and conceits; drained, eroded.
The error of my way so oft the cause of undue stresses.

I believed then,
the truism- actual.
I believe, in love.

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