The pathetic computer that has been gifter burrs and whirrs.
Not ungreatful so to speak. Just aware that I spend my life waiting for technology to buffer.

Wasted time.
Time spent being wasted.
Drunk and dasterdly.
Tiny thoughts and a forgetful mind. Social worth barely a gift. My own study of what it it to by typifying. Success as lucky as rolling a double six.
Timing and talent. But neither of which is a gaurantee.
Silence is suspect.

Run away, broaden your horizon. Run out of time.
Die – not even trying.

I miss my girlfriend.
I need, NEED NEED NEED. OCD time. Decorate, do art, organise, time; to perfection. Relax. Consider. Buy, prepare, advise, tell and guess, and suppose.

Why is everything with a time. I will do when I want what I want and not before.

That honest call; now this has happened I can move on. Focus, delegate, choose and grow.

So I get drunk. Forget, grow fat and chatty.

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