Sea sure

Shore. Sean.
Ice cold.
Ice addict.
This is cold cat. Robot heart bus.
Further, for the, future.
The violins. Play.
I sit next to the girl in class.
Light blonde hairs on her top lip.
Her mannerism strange to me.
Big eyes.
The stranger across from the kicks my foot.
Kicks again. Thinks nothing of it.
To me I AM, the bench.
A leg. A leg of a table.
Not the shoe, the underside of my foot.
I have a horrible taste in my mouth.
Work was a disaster this morning.
I was tired.
I need energy. Where is my motivation.
People, waiting. Wanting coffee.
The mixture.
The meddly, combination.
Combatants. Hot sweet war.
Victory of the senses.
Reverbarate. Static. Twinge.
Twang. Want of caffience!
The consciounce. conshiouns
Coushion Cusion. Cushions!
Electric. Base in the background.
Spelling inner most.
Innumerable. Numbers.
Cold. Kyote. Ugly. Terrible spelling.
Spell bound, BOND,
Bound to misspell.
Up. Bound up. Tied. Tongue tied.
Sore wrist.
I look at my wrist.
I saw. I saw my wrist.
My wits.
Lack of wits.
Lack of wist.
Tired, sunless. Bored. Blatant, cold. stale, fat, nipples dragging, slappingly shit and fucking tired and scared and unmotivated and prideless and stupified.
Sitting, stagnant, solemn, music, reverb.
Glass. Collection. Anger. Art, poetry, infused.
The window of my life.
The glass of my soul.
Refractions of light.
Collections of cool things, ideas.
Reflections of my life. What is work to me.
Bush doof.
Reflect. What can you SAY and learn from what you say.
That inner self.
That knowing, what you speak, speak the truth.
The idea. That you believe everyone “GETS”
But none get you.
Don’t be lazy. Put it out there.
Say what you must.
Explain well.
Reflect. and reflect and reflect.
And learn.
Sit pretty. Feet up.
Fucked. But not tired. Drained.
Needing of energy. Re-fuelled.
Played. Sucked dry.
She wants, she takes, leaves naught.
But for tomorrow as me and i’ll tell you with mute.
And expression, bitter taste, ash, pouring from my mind and mouth.
Blackness. Oil filled hole. The void.
Best avoided. Blinded. Bound and binded.
Ball and chain.
Rent in my head.
A hole. A space, for sale.
I could be good at that thing.
I have capabilities.
I have vanity.
I have. and have and have havehavehavehavehavehave heave-HO!

The morsel of my mind.
Off. Salted.
Stale. Oyster. Snot.
Bashful smile.
He sits. Talking trash outside my window.
I wonder at that expression.
How curious.
How wasted was I.
My caring take on reality.
Thing. A thing I noticed.
The rage I spat out, in the jacuzzi.
Anger, shouting, crying, writhing, wailing, morbid, gross and grinding my teeth.
Raw, roiling, tumult.
A hack, perhaps.
Not smart or talented enough for that.
Say it and make it real.
Wasted. wasted wasted.
Icicle. Many syllable.
Poetic. Left hand writes.
Left hand rights.
Left hand rights. Left and right.
Right and left.
Left right.
Up right.
upright. Write up.
Down right.
Down write.
Write down. Left down.
Put down.
Put down.
Down put.
Down right
Left down,
Left down.
Left up.
Up left.
Up right.
right right
Write up.
Left right
Can can.
Snake eyes.
Game over.
Sheet. Sheer. Sheep. Says. Stays. Strays. Saturdays. Stays. Splays. Sty. Scry. Sly. Spy. Sky. Shy. Smile. Sail. Sassy. Sad. Sun. Split. Sony. Serpent. Soil. Stump. Stole. Spelling.

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