Just a couple of things.

Talked to Rowan.
Talked to Eden.
Talked to Lindsay.
Saw Mum. She was walking uncomfortably.
Chatted to dad.
Went to the football.
Worked a hard shift.
Ate an apple.
ate some wasabi peas.
And some wheaties.

I asked Rowan what he thought of Multi-National corporations.
Travel miles. Coke. BP. Responsibility.
Good, bad, evil. Money.
Big ideas, missing the point and me being called an idiot by someone wanting a Tasmanian dark ale. “how rude”

Talked about happiness.
Talked about what I like doing.
Talked about my dreams.
Talked about my story.

Walked to the city and home again via west hobart.

Talked about death.
Talked about shutting down.
Cognisance. Mindfulness. Awareness. Being alive.
Being an animal.
Opposable thumbs, inventiveness.
Driven by bounds instilled at a young age.

A girl in my class said about herself “I’m talking too much”
I wondered if she thought that because she was a woman.
I wondered if I was being sexist thinking that.
Rowan had something to day.
I said if I had said what he had said it would have been
“A super dooper, alley-ooper, mega slam dunk of a bounce. I’d have done a flip over godzilla on defense” Supreme!

O my god I feel like pizza.

Then we talked of being lazy in conversation and me having high expectations.
And how nobody asks questions anymore.
How Young-su inspired me with his 4 simple questions.
How bumboots are rubber.
How her underpants were from Target.
How you’ll live long enough to see yourself become the hypocrite you loathe and despise.
Like being “into” grammar, and writing as accurately as I.
Eco zealot!
“fucking hack”. Undefined. Basic. Lazy. Boring.
The vegan in the curry house…

Then we talked about humanity, sleeping. Rejuvination.
Rest. Cleaning.
If we could stop.
If we could die.
Prevent any output from out system.
Could we live longer?
Through the times?
Freeze time.

Tattoos with wil and Edward.

Unconscious, sleeping, a vegetable.
Surviving on a tube, a system.
Pull the plug? Ever?
Morals. Values. Ethics.

Walking into a circumstance with limited information.
The waited came over after I poured coffee all over my cereal.
I was complaining about my mistake.
“This tastes disgusting”.
He said they wouldn’t offer me a discount and took offence.
I was confused because he seemed to start talking to me out of nowhere…
I was content.

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