Ate a pack of green beans a pear and 500grams of peanuts for dinner.
Why do I do it.

Studying today has been pretty full on.
Went for a walk with Dean, a fairly new asian pal from my French class.
I said i’d send him a translation of my french work today but i’ve been swamped.
He’s run ULTRA-marathons. What a psycho.
I invited him over for dinner this evening.
Very full-on.
We have a test this Friday which I need to study.

I’m quite worried about the french test. But I also have an English test.
I need to write that up, polish, reference, structure.
Ugh so much.
I wrote out my availability.
Lots and lots to do.

Anyway Dean or Young-Su, he’s from South Korea. He’s 26 over there or 25 here.
Because when you are born in Korea they say that the children are 1 year old.
I wonder what other cultures and countries have that same idea.

Anyway, he keeps a blog (in Korean) but has had an idea to ask people questions about their lives.
4 simple questions.
1. What’s your story?
(Something that you really want to share and talk about. Anything is accepted.)

2. What are your interests?

3. What is your dream?

4. What do you think happiness is?

My answers were initially:

d love to. We’ll do that after we do a French draft, ok? Here are my initial thoughts thought smile emoticon

1: I’m a kid from Tasmania. And I want to travel the world.

2: My interests are people, coffee, and languages.

3: Dreams are weird and personal.
-I have a lot of dreams and a few goals.
One it to travel the world and do and say original things.
I also love comedy, so I dream of performing or doing standup comedy (or atleast understanding how/what makes people laugh).
I would also like to open a business with my brother.

4. Happiness for me currently is a westernised “american dream”.
People focus too much in their down time on trying to be happy.
The persuit of happiness is an unfound and unsavoury idea for me.
Bittersweet in its generally unachievable state.
People spend most of their time discontent. That is something that makes people beautiful, unique and progressive.

Happiness for me is “being a child at play”. Committing yourself entirely to an activity where you are lost, almost thoughtless. Transfixed/captivated (in the zone).
I find this with games, talking to people, writing my journal, cooking, running, playing soccer, doing yoga.

Reading, writing and eating are great. They make you happy. Family values. Feeling loved and accepted by your parents and friends. These are some things that also make me happy.

When I spoke however, (he recorded) I said much much more.
He said he wanted maybe 3 minutes. I was in the zone talking for over that. Poor guy said he’d type up the script and post it on his blog, like a time capsule/reflection piece/idea tank.

It was strange, almost therapeutic. Its nice to cement yourself into reality with an experience like that from time to time.

I miss Edinburgh.

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