I didn’t know

Fuck you.
You don’t know me.
“Since when did you know anything about the Hobart backpacking scene?”
Is that a question?
Because I do take an interest.

I don’t envy you.
I am not jealous.
Because you you,
you are living out a life that I could lead.
You could do better.
Focus more.

People aren’t amazed by you.
I’m mad about this.

Jog today was good. 4.2minute kilometres. Over 11km.
Stuck to the tail of a spartan jogger.
I really should have blitzed the end a bit harder.
Free fruit afterwards.

Saw Rhi selling coffee.
Had an espresso.
I think i’m going to die of an aneurism.

Gotta do some study now.

I’ve been missing mum.
I felt like crying all of yesterday,
but the tears didn’t come.

Busy busy busy.
Work work work.
Do, do, do.
Make choices.
Reflect your environment.
Your day to do.
Become it.

Can you break your programming?

Imagine all the books you should read.
Move home. Read all those books.
The lifehood, worthwhile?
I’m unsure.
Social sacrifices.
I need more energy.

Crazy cat lady. Needs a “Cat-scan”.
Games theory.
A beautiful mind.

Running behind a beautiful woman.
motivation. Sickening.
Spew. Sick. Trudge. Breathe, swivel.
Head on a pike.
Look left,
Look right.

Bicep too big for the armband.
And the rains came down.
Standing in the carpark
Looking at the first, second and third place getters.
Wondering what their lives are like.

I ate inari.
One dollar for homemade wasabi.
Fucking scam.
Not to worry.
Made curry, did the washing up.
Found mum’s booze.
Tipped it.

What next?

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