Buy a rocking chair: 11th feb 2016, 19:55.
On Australia day: A flight attendant with an accent offering instructions; maybe even apologising for a delay – the passenger behind “don’t worry, next she’ll say it in english”.

My bed-day note

The word THEN:
“Is, is, is was”

I self diagnose. Jogger’s bladder is back. (again)

Attribute all you do, to the food you eat and the water you drink.
Observe others. They are wild.

I live in the “west”.
South Hobart
But – western.
Wild, wild westerner

Let my mind organise and regiment us.
Plan, organise, control.
Understand. Leadership? Bah.

“how’s work?”
“Absolutely fabulous”
-How can I take you seriously.

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