I might write something,
A thing on the spectrum. Put myself down.
If you don’t admit it. Draw it out of yourself.
You become a bystanded. Someone I passed on the road or bike track.

I handed you a, a, a thing.
I tried to give you a ring.
Listen to the whirrr of my heart
Can you hear that? What did I bring?

Nothing, could make you smile or let me give.
In my back, bleeding, spleen a shiv.
A shank, a meat bloodied, gleaning black.
Dried now, the writer’s hack.

Hock and hack
and cough and froth.
What a whord. WHORE.
Frosth. Froth. Froth. Froff.
Catch yourself, fearful bumbling adaption.
Not dumb, not by half.
Sit with me in the luxury of closed border,
closed mind. To think that i’m educated,
and had these views. The world functions?
Where are these wanton unicorns of salvation.

I’m waiting and salivating.
Hungry and in bed. Coffee pot boiled.
Extracted just right.
Abandoned mink,
Left the milk out.
Not i’m just whispering to myself.
What an interesting thing.

I had a pen yesterday but it was all,
a wall.
To hard.
Jed’s gone, you know.
I do now.
I know.
now now, bring a brown cow
Clown, gown frown sick.
You prick.

You had sex with my ex.
I needed a best friend and you fucked me.
Lost. Lost what I wanted to lose.
God awful. wretched.
Knots in my spine,
Wring out my mind.
Bloodied washing.
I’ve been for a tumble ben. Ben was it?
Kat? Tom. Tom with a beard. What do you look like.
Other than that? Before you were a man. A boy,
your teeth? That white glossy spot.
On both.
and you waited for coffee; Like I wanted too!

The ol’
“Farewelll” in the supermarket. Aisle one.
fuck. There they are again.
Bite me.
Bit me.
Write me.
Writ me.
Kill me.
kile me.

Ah, light off by the bedside.
I know my body. I feel it.
I could do what I want.
This zone.
Comfort. Disgust. Carrot sticks.
Popups. Computer at the foot.
need flicks.
Net fucks.
Mental propaganda and porn,
wrung me dry.
Every drip. Time’s ongoing, loop.
Same, shit, different, fuck you.

Let me be cordial.
I saw some well lain cement today.
Sandy bay. My that’s a skill. Roads.
Rates. Do people pay more? Depending on where they live?
Did people put up fences to make property private; AND do illegal activities.

What is privacy?
Do you mind if I dance?
I’ll call you later, what’s your friends name?
Where do you learn spanish?
Ha. Sick. Shame.

I danced,
A tried and true,
Turned. trance.
You, like a pirranah piranah pirrhana pearannah pirrana perannah pirrhana pirannah parana parana perannah pirhannah pirahna prick.
Piranna pirranah pirahna pirannah piranah PIRANHA! cold caught.
I saw you, you looked away.
White show.
You wore. You looked good. I wrote about you i’ll fish it out of my phone before.
I think it makes a little sense. A little enough. ENOUGHT.
Enufft. Snufffed it. Carked. Croaked. Honk.
The sound the duck made when it died in winter.
We lived in North Hobart. Off Patrick Street.
Patanosta rowe Road? Row?
Anya Row, the hot slippery mess.
Dating an oldie now. Gross, scraggly.
As we all grow old and get wiry.
Bang together. Like gong and mallet.
Lucid. Lippid. List
Lurking Lostra Yil. Surayangatang.
Tan. Veloceraptors. Spell yourself.

Your sleeve. Wiping at the grime of today,
spoiled. Spoing!
Spoilt. The elastic gun fired the slinky into my path and I just watched.
Wrathful. Piano gamer. When you know all the buttons,
all the moves. And you see them coming. Anything they could do. Maybe. We aren’t all just running in, are we?

That presence of mind to keep punching away. You can’t die.
You are a healer.
Frrrrr- shooo-tuuup-toooop.

Green green greeeen. Light greaan?
Noodle on his head. Fifth Element.
Korby. Kobby-kobe-kobeh my man.

“You’re fired”.
Fire one millior.
-atleast i got free lunch.

It looked like breakfast.
I don’t know.

Chip chip chip chip chip.
Salt. Hot salt.
Liquid salt. Pour it.

Synthia. Stuck up.
Personify. To make a person.
Tear your pants.
Royally cock up.
FRREEZE. Rrrrrrrrrrr.

The sad faces on the track,
the resolute nod from walkers.
some familiar, others wayward;
new and questioning.

Today I’m assertive.
I blaze headstrong.
Angry almost if for the lack.
The genuine lack of energy to feel,
express. A moving, innanimate object.

No objections, just witness and obey.
give way, submit ground,
on the ground that the biggest truck
-wins the day.

Wyn is gone.
Is there asian in your family?
Yeah. That explains why you go red.
I suppose I could-
it does?
It does.

The computer shuts down,
winds down, falls asleep,
goes to power saving.
I have a void.
a void inside me.
I need to fill it with things.

I can’t just stay in the relative comfort of my bed.
that’s a crazy thought.
Limit outputs.

Find something useful to do in society.
And they will give you bread.
I think bread is weird because it makes me feel so full.
It makes me feel full without providing my the noutriants,
the sunsainants. NUTRIANTS. NOUTRIENT NUTRIENT oh-yes.
And SUSTINANTS Say it right. rush on, headlong into innaccuracy poetic bare
lost in translation grammatical errors. IT IS REAL.

What if your reality is a truth formed up of elaborate lies.
Thanks for the reminder.
Sustinants Sustain sustinants suss.
Sustinent stain. ck! CK-K-k.

“I said something and It was like you”
i channelled you.
I thought you all left.
I just sat there, wankered.
Leader. Writer, waited.

Where do they go after dinner? They all go home,
they all go home to cry. And worry about the obscurities of a certain
short lived life.
But we have our own perpetual eternity.
we live for our own version of forever.

What about the ineviability of the heat death of the universe?
At eight. I was worried about the sun exploding and killing everyone.
I’m still scared. Gripped with fear.
Fed on it. Grain, ingrained.
Farm, cage, free range. Shooting range.
Ducks and cattle and clay pigeon.
To the slaughter.
Thinkers laugh,
Feelers cry.
I do both,
Well my dear, you’ve got it all.

I hope you’re ok.

Feeling full. Not what the french would say.
That’s perverse. Too graphic.
Not poetic.
take some food.
prendre. Prend, prend, prends, prenons, prenez, prennent, pris? pru, pu, prendu, prendais.
Take take take.
Take the colour, the viatamin, vital min. Mint.
Vitimin, Viatamin, vietnam, vitamin.
Thake. SHake. Shaik.
The queen of the dessert.
Glutton out. Take in. Food. Orgy. Sickness.
Broken and tamed, timid and weak.

Assert yourself on your bicycle.
Foam beard. Smooth skin.
Pray for hot water.
Bless you easy world.
Good life.

Slow turnover period of refuge seekers.
Strange. So blind. Out of the news, policy,
people making THINGS happen.
the roads get made.
the maids, thankyou.
A thankless job.

I like your outfit.
I was going to wear it again.
Don’t bend over.
You’ll see it all.
Bath body.

the food, not bread.
Olive bread.
with oil. Warm, ovan. Oven baked.
fresh smelling.
rosemary, thyme, mint.

Rose my mind the the time.
Tied my hind in a bind.
Find my spine by the wing.

Denzel washington is a bad man,
A really good actor in this.
Are you GOING alright?
Yeah well,
good alright,
you beauty.

Make me laugh.
Push that perfect smell out of your mind.
Timing immpeec.

The history of words.
I need a smart, a wizened old crack to make sense of the world for me.
I would shave my head and wear a robe, just to have a leader, selfless and willing to share. To make sense of this world. To provide for me, to not harm or take anything but what was needed. To take the snakes out of Ireland.
Make the world bullet-less.
-Bullet points.

Pool, snooker, sharks.
The rum diaries.
A maid outfit.
Delete that number.
Write down the story about that girl.
I want it.
I want it all.
Describe people you know love. Make that real.
get that program that writes what you say,
so i won’t have to type I can just rant.

Rank brain, onion layers.
Fully explore metaphors.
overused. Dead?
Not by far. Re-viewing.
The heartbeat.
Receeding. Recceeding re-seeding. recceed, receed recced RECED. RECEDED word weird.

The hum, lapping, shoals, tiny barrels, the foamy sound.
warm, wet static. The beach. Sand rolling in the shallows.
No time for building castles.
I remember when you were sick and we stripped down.
Your olive skin.
Wild nights, wild nights.

BAH. recycling. What am I?
Coke? Reduce, reuse, recycle.
One doesn’t effect. AFFECT sales.
More is better? Poor is wetter.
tears and broken umbrella.
Cold kids. The mistake that is free time,
an active mind and the lack of need for basics.
Energy that was otherwise saved up;
reserved. Savings. Find food, get shelter. Protect yourself.
Sleep light. Hunt.
No longer. A mantle? Not even. Nothing but the things we own.

My body, so taken with food.
Laden. Shut me down, wake me when there is a change.
Print out the agenda.
I’ll be back to life soon.
I might be five minutes late,
after a fashion.
Whisper to me- if you can.
show me your intelligence.
be gentle, see me for who I am.
Mirrored in yourself.
picture my eye.

Snap snap snap.
Iris, glow.
Pupil dialed
pump pump pump.

Hah. Remember what breasts feel like?
Shot in the heart.
Cold case.
Food sustain me.
Wake me when there is a change.
I don’t take watch.

Watch is not for me. Not a man of action.
Calibre. Cal-ee-bur.

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