Just notes

Memore – is a funny old thing.

THING. IT. – they were mentioned today.

“You have to know what IT is”. Alice in Wonderland.

The beauty of self exposure in the poetry and ambiguity of language.

Talk slow or fast. The meaning can be lost just the same.

Ah… -Adult Life- the new and more graceful: “first world problems”


“Every body is fucking”

No bedroom is safe,
No day alone –
To itself clean and pure.
Sheets stained
Sweat darkened.
Cloth scrunched
Backs slick
Nipples licked
Mouths kisses
Eyes, gazed into.
Binding arms pulling.
Knitting with need
We wrestle joy,
Into eachother.

Brand name “BOSHINGTON”

Gotta check out Opito Bay in NZ.

“glass is made to be broken” – french saying.

If it changes, then it changes.
C’est la vie.

There was a guy that I jogged behind in the Half Marathon that had a sweat patch on his arse that looked like tasmania for about 8km’s. Then it melted into regular soggy bottoms. I had to move on. The observation, the joke, was done.

Happiness, Virtue and Knowledge are triplets. (how?)
What is “Virtue” has the word evolved?

Pain is present-ness

Pain is inevitable suffering is optional.

Semi-present consiousenss. (your ordinary mind on an ordinary day)

Tattoo: image and pain both fade.

“Just how connected are the mind and body?”

“Its easier to be against something than explain the consequences” – Jed Donoghue 2016

“Buzzing around like a blue arsed fly” – Gina 2016 (so aussi)

Question: What’s the best gift you’ve every received. – for a birthday or Christmas.

What does “How now” actually mean.
– Surprise, lets discuss the statement former, what does this actually mean.

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