We could get by

“the weather bureau is down” – we could all get by without the weather.
But that’s where statements like “it came out of nowhere come from”

That is that.
So and so.
Which is which.
This and that.

These are what we say on a daily basis. We need to be more careful.
Done and done.

Dream: Dad my sister and I.

1 Christmas cake, split into 4. (3 people)
1/2 & 1/2 and half again.
One bit looked bigger but felt lighter.
Prawns, (maybe 4) each.
Octopus -lemony-
and two danishes. One purple one orange.
the pastry was dark, brown, crispy.
The curled in the middle. In on the custard.
This food was John Armstrong’s. Some he shared;
the cake perhaps (I forget. inaccurate). The rest we ate,
Shameless, only half aware.

People evolved from fires. If you run out of air you die.

How now- what is how now?
“So and so”
“what’s her face”

Talking truths.
Observations (the weather, the trees).
Shared meaning, experience and understanding.
Slippery academic buggers.
Cute, cite, quote.

Women are birds, the simile often drawn upon.
Flighty, fickle, escaping, beautiful, looping, peckish, aloof.
Men – cats.
Tom cats. Tom. TOMS.
I’d hate to be a tom. As much as I am a Pat.
A cat in a hat. Pat in a hat.
Waiting at your door, awaiting the first kiss.
A Pat at the mat.
Wipe your feet,
leave those shoes at the front door.
We shan’t talk so soon of the back.

My name? Would I change. Sure.
Sponsor me, give me wings.
So I might seek out birds.
Qatar Foley-Donoghue.

The Australian, the world the culture
acceptance. Broad view. Common word?
Would you say my new name correctly?
Am I going to have to tell you how to say it?
It’s like Pat. But with a ‘Q’.
No you don’t have to wait.

Qat! Call me Qat. Like Cat. With a Q.
Not a Tom, or a Pat. Something more,
you can see that, I soar.
I see you saw.
Up and down
my love.
In an out.
The old adage.

Birds and Bees.
We’re all Q-ing up.
I can’t explain it all to you.
You’ll have to learn for yourself.
Find a good teacher in life.
On your knees or otherwise.
Find yourself a wife?
That’s one good bit of life advice.

My device,
Take a slice.
A lick,
Life’s too short.
All of us sick.
Dig it while you can-can.

Dance in the eye of the storm with me.
but understand if its not meant to be.
Me, myself and I.
You to.
you two.
Us three.

If it doesn’t work out.
If it was just fleeting.
That OK.
Just call me Qat.

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