Slack. Don’t give me any.

Don’t give me that.

I’ve been misspending time.

Spending time with a splecial miss.

i don’t know how i feel. Afraid, anxious,’wasteful. I used to be into such a good thing. THING. Vein. Vain, vanity. My insanity. This calamity. Expectation of my life. Comparing myself to others. Blabbering. Uncontent. Torn. Jagged. Edged. Not edgy. Not calm. Rest-less. Wrestless. Needing a wrestle. How could i tell-her. How could i end what we’ve started? What do I want? Why do I judge the way that I do.

self immolation. Self sabotge. My consiounce. No consice. Scrambled. With cream. Ejected. Ejaculated. Watsed, booze free. Milked. Work work work.

Reliance from others. Minimal. The television blares. Blurts out facts. So posmodern. Wasted. Watson, we need you help. Your deduction. Humanity’s crawl towards its own destruction. We are in flux. Can we live forever? Can our plague last? Spread?! Outlast the stars we are made of? Dust to dust.

what will be will be.

it is what it is.

Say: La Vie.

se la vie.

such is life. Hang around. Above the ground.

Feet dangling, that dropping sound.

flounder. Fish out of water.

inelegant. Snapping.


gagging dragging drooling.

final flop. What a let down.

relax, limbs limp. Lax.

last loll of your eyes before they are closed

thue clergy man thinks absent thoughts;

not present in the moment.

Does the holy signs.

body bag.


save your breath

waste not words nor wit.

think through -“things”

specify… God-fucking-dammit.


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