Are there more readers in society than there are writers?
What is the outcome of the western style education system?
Who are the people we are fashioning.
With populations skyrocketing and children being born every instant – how could we possibly class generations? Every ten years I suppose?

I burn books.

What is enlightenment.
“man i’m so hungry”.

REGRET: ‘I DON’T CARE’ – why did I say it like that?
Alas. Tons more fish in the sea. The wood was wet, the bridge can’t have burned.

Went shopping today, bought a decanter.
How will I bend these spoons?!
Its sunny, lets get active. I could read books for a very long time. I have so many. I must sit down sometime soon. Time ticks on. Tomorrow night, is it going to be good, bad or ugly.

Clean breaks.
Travel. Beatnik, hipster, trash.
Beat, poor.

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