Just the latest notes

As the stress and anxiety rises.
Read notes:

Goddamnit Travis. 2.45am
I’m Ruth-less 12:15am

Learning about Ounces and Gallons.
Laying down info.
Liquid. Mathematical Messiah.

10GALLONS OF LEMON WATER – 1280 ounces.
Litre = 33.8 ounces.
10 ounces = 300ml
8 ounces = 240ml

I’ll have a small flat white with two shots and two shots of milk.
MILK? Are you a baby?

A shot is an ounce (almost). 33ml.
1 Pint = 16ounces. 473ml.

Antonio is a barman from Bristol that works at the Maypol Hotel.
Nina – Blonde lady with a glow. Does Yoga, painted house over the long weekend.
Aren’t we all just living for shared experience?

They’re like little beans with hands? 22:26. Who the fuck said this. What did it mean?

ONE PUNCH MAN. – made me cry with laughter, as I drank pepsi.

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