Crunch time- so real

People are mirrors.
My life is an apple riddled with worm holes.
Trails and tracks.
Mum is getting worse.
I think i have the energy to look after her.
This semester has been go go go.
No time for her.
Just friends, work and school.

Beers have been great,
Women have been amazing.
Its that time of year?
There is no shame for me.
I see you in the street, i smile and wave.
We don’t have to talk.
Its sad if we aren’t close.
If you dread being seen.

Exam Tuesday. It will be ok.
I am a polished mirror.
I reflect a bright image.
I am true.
My vision isn’t skewed.

Alex goes tomorrow.
I have dinner and the doctor planned.
Print out an old exam!

Do people do what the do because they can?
Am I wasting my life studying in Australia when I have a British passport.
I’m not procrastination, i’m just thinking deeply about what it is, and what it means to be close to someone and hug them.

When I was younger, I was sick.
Yeah… We all were. Our body created chemicals for our bodies that would changes us forever.
We grew hairs over night.
Our minds changed.
It was a dangerous time for us all.
You weren’t sick, you were young.
You’re still young.
Tell me another story.
Because that’s all you have… your story.

What drives you?
Sex? Being joined with someone?
Philosophical conversation? Sharing things with others?
Great ideas. Bad ideas.
Shooting the shit.
Bring it on.
Lets see what we believe in.
Hear yourself speak some truths.
Judge yourself.
Be judged by others.
Family, friends or foes.
Forget it all matters.
People choose who they associate with.
I’ve been busy,
Maximising my outputt. 10minutes until I need to be somewhere. Fit in some activites.
You are the vibrating mess of the world.
Dance, run hot, sizzle, move, shake your limbs but close your eyes.
Don’t think.
To think, you need to stop.
Stop dead. Lay down,
Warm milk, a spoon of honey.
Rest yourself well.
Relax. Love

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