I’ll comtribute fully later.
I want to try and remember everything i said to Ruth today.
I’m so happy.
I had some great moments this weekend. I got drunk.
Hot, beautiful, attractive. Different meanings.
Nervy about exams. I’ll try to get it together.

Everyone is existentialist.
My gaping,
Gawking joke on the world.
Possibility for suicide.
Top of the roller coaster today. Scream to the world,
In silent revelry.
“You’re so hot”

Got water on the mountain.
Brain is all over the shop.

He was such a happy young man.
He ended it on a day he felt he might not top.
Don’t worry i’ll stick around to help other people attain.

Contentedness. Comfort.
Be hungry.
Torture yourself.
Drive to bigger and better things.
Jump hurdles.
Make everyone jealous.
I am envy.
Show me your lust.
Be true to yourself.
Light a fire.

You are a sweat thumb person. Climbing mountains and forgetting the cardgame rules.

“I wish you played music”

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