Suck Ses’

Beard is killing it.
Assignment is submitted.
Facebook stalk level 50%.

Placebo is back as the band of choice.
Spent last night with Rhys and Gen.
They were both, agitated to quietness.
I wasn’t prepared to be their continuous stimulation.
But I tired. Had 3 beers. Got chattery.

Rhys mentioned my mum. That was interesting.
My reaction.
Topic change, reflect, inflect.
Ask similar of someone else.
Gen. Parents are smart.
Everyone has their secrets.
All people are allowed their one fault.
Nobody is perfect.
Or are they?

Phone did a strange thing today.
5dollars credit in an odd direction.
Gotta brush my teeth and go for a jog.

Texted Eden.
Need to tell my work that i’m going to Japan.
So out of whack, can’t remember names.
Itchy scratchy.
Want to do things.
Beard, doing work.
Great work.
Like when you have the “taken” look about you,
Drives the girls wild.

What is it Gen. Do girls “really go for it”, sometimes.
Talking about embracing the demon, the animal, the disgusting instinct.
Eat until you’re sick.
Do women do that. Starve themselves?
Is that just a western piece of bullshit?
Are different people, less or more self aware?

I think therefore I am.
Is that the best logic we’ve got after all this time?
I need to jog. It a good rhythm then rest.
Health. Sleep.
Feet up. Relax.

Doing work. Tonight, walk, chat, be motivated.
Hopefully I avoid catastrophe and mistake, avoid drunken-ness, awkwardness, shame, ambiguity, murder, shyness, lies and oversharing the truth. Let me just dig it. Let there be cake.
Lets eat brioche. However we choose to quote it.
The French revolution.
Revel children.
Reveal yourselves,
feel yourselves.
Smile, banter, dig it, groove.
you’re never too old to dance.
If not infront of you, let me dance in your mind.

Shoes off at the door.
Put your bag down.

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