Start of the month

What does that mean?
It means BE RAD. Challenge the moment.
Do something new. Express.

Today I studied. Overdosed on coffee. Broke down,
Broke down barriers. Fell off the horse,
Saw syntax. The colours of the spectrum.
Lines and waves, sound.
The building blocks of sensation.
I abducted thoughts,
Nothing could interrupt edgewise.

The track, mornings.
Travel, study, Exchange.
Difficulty understanding the lecture. Apply knowledge. Common sense. Deep thought, practice, reason.
The singularity. No safety or intelligence in numbers. The enfilade of information.
The question: DO I DESERVE THIS?
Can I be reasonable, can I approach this with an unplugged thought process. Tendrils flaring. Succinct, creative ideas.
Work, build upon. Move around. Test spaces and thoughts.
This wasn’t me so much.
Forgot my lunch. Spaced out.

Worked a bit in the library, when I prepared to up and leave, it begun raining. (a marked change).
Passe compose. BECAME.

Did some good work. Organised a smoke machine.
Got lots of sleep last night, been eating LOADS. But I feel like it’s given me the strength to have great thoughts.
I also believe if you starve yourself you’ll have great thoughts but they are inherently negative.
In a land of plenty you show off your goodness.
In a land of scarcity you show your true colours.
In each of these we witness extremes.
People are extreme.
However the most common,
The most un-extreme is when you are content and you have no drivers.
What pushes you? Are you content? Are you human?
Where is fate, where is the world? The orbit, the sun, the death, the mood, the changes.
We are in flux. You must be driver. You cannot be content. What is your muse?
What is your button? You are not a machine, but you need a change of oil.
Strip yourself back. REMOVE LAYERS. Simplify yourself, lets find your red button.
Lets find your extreme without needs, and wants. What drives you? What is your button?
People change. Is this relevant?
Are my thoughts like a tree?
Is the tree covered in vines?
Does the environment have an opinion or ulterior motive?

ULTERIOR? Anterior. Exterior. Inferior, deter. Disturb, destiny, irony. Iron, red.

Beautiful. Thankyou brain.
Thanks to the guy or girl that gave my brain a name.
and named our brain, “brain”. Their brain gave itself a name and named everyone elses.
Thought people have different languages and beliefs.
What is their train of thought regarding their brain?
Is their brain entirely in their head?
Do they KNOW what brain is?
Do they KNOW and KNOW? like the french know?

Time for biscuits. I should go buy some movies as well.
work tonight, gig tonight. Jog tomorrow morning.
These are the expectations emplaced upon us.
EMPLACED. Transitive.

So I had too much coffee earlier and I think my mind went crazy places.
That happened.

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