That feeling when you’re not eating what you felt like eating.
You’re an adult, your body lets you know what it feels like consuming.
You’ve worked all day, now you require sustenance.
You feel like popcorn.
But someone has cooked pork with gravy and sweet potato.
You rationalize. “But I love sweet potato, its a vegetable, its sweet AND savory”, it looks great.
Go for it. Eat.
But you hate pork. It’s gross, slimy, bad for your skin, fatty, tasteless, white, disgusting.
So you eat the pork.
Now you’ve kept everyone happy. You’ve eaten the food. But you’ve lost your way.
A popcorn story.

Imagine you have a focus.
Realize that the human body (YOUR BODY). Can only achieve “so much”.
Your maximum capacity, spurs from your genetic makeup.
Your potential growth. You are one big piece of putty.
Lets talk muscles.
I would like to say your body is ENTIRELY muscle, but i’d be wrong.
again. lets talk muscles.
Your brain. A muscle. Uses a lot of energy.
The rest of your body. Vital organs, (effectively muscles[?]{right}?)
AND regular ol’ muscles.

Lets say “YOU, human” represent the simple equation
100% = Human, Energy, and Energy consumption through Muscles.
100% = 30 (brain energy consumption) 70(body energy consumption)

People have different outputs that respect their 100%.
Raising both your body and brain, may refer to you “raising the bar”.
This makes you better all-round. And allows for the acknowledgement (that you aren’t full of shit).
(This is waste) – You don’t want to waste. You want to be sustainable.
What can you do to maximize your own production and output?

Can you throw out your balance of brain/body energy consumption?
50% brain 50% body.
In that line of theory, does your brain literally grow?
If the brain is a muscle, how does it grow? Can you tear your brain, like it was a hamstring?

Would it be pliable to say imbalances occur in the physical. Which is to say, 20% brain energy consumption. 80% body.
Lets look at dinosaurs. Look at the potential growth and shrinkage on body vs brain.

I have labelled this thought process. “externalizing your brain”.
The time you spend at the gym, has potential to inversely effect your brain growth.
As muscle fibres are made out of the same thing.

-what kind of muscles are there?
-Can your brain grow to enormous sizes? Why don’t we see obese brains lain out, exhausted on the bed.
– Could you greenhouse (create the perfect condition) for human growth. In both brain and body.
What is the optimal amount of sleep?
What is the optimal amount of exercise?
-Are there other factors to consider. -ALONE TIME?
How does the body react to a huge demand from stimulation?
What are the dietary needs?
Can we create superhumans or do they represent some sort of imbalance, with something being missed from the simple BRAIN/BODY = 100% human & energy consumption: therefore muscle growth.

Word correlation.
The stolen generation.
People’s word choices are inherent to their learning. (Is learning just choosing to internalize stimuli).
If you are choosing to focus your mind, can these choices be seen as a rabbit hole for information?
Or a family tree?

If you don’t choose, what happens to your mind?
Does mental plasticity become hindered from drinking?
Do you develop an altered state. When drunk you are succinct?
What can people expect from you.

How dramatically can events impact your day.
How can a day change?
What is the most dramatic change. Really.
DRAMATIC. is an interesting word.

Ester is sick.
Work might be changing hands.
I don’t know what that will mean for me.
I’m traveling in November.
Japan trip!

Do I go on exchange.
Or do I become a teacher’s aide?
These are things i’ll look into right now.

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