Friday Installation.

A gent today referred to girl I know, she’s a little bit of an air-head. “You can’t put brains in monuments”.
That’s a great line I think.

I gotta buy some ghost drops!

Friar Tuck; “Dry old fuck” haircut style.

The past is the past.
Physical / Remembered / Idealised.
Is exercise pointless?
Does this cause fluctuations in the present?
What are the direct outcomes, globally.

Recent past vs distant past.
All builds
Your story.
Relevance, recountable?
As things grow older.

Becoming less important?

Types of communication:
Phone calls*

Do you think the water poured from a recently boiled kettle sounds different to water poured from the same kettle, but the water HASN’T been boiled. Can you HEAR boiled water? What changes?

People’s impatience! Seeking gratification because of social needs, aspected to higher standards set in the past? E.G: World Records. Rippling through the “now”. Calling people from the car, cramming your day. Hardly being present. Prioritising. Just consuming, moving, spinning, swirling. Eating, drinking a whirlwind of washing and wanting. Waiting is wasting. Waste from each of us a splinter in need of a cure. Aggravated, we continue. Like time stringent sea monkeys. Junkies for action. Need for stimulation. Pointless, thoughtless forms. Wanting, but what. Shall we talk about it? How do you communicate? Choose your path.

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