Your brain fills in the blanks.
Like, you look at the clouds. And you see pizza.
Is it supreme or meatlovers?

What does Pious mean?

Dentist recommend replacing your toothrush every 8-10 weeks.
What we meant to say was.
“Become a dentist; they can affort a new toothbrush every day”

“You have no idea what the fuck these guys are doing in there or why it costs so much”

I wonder what you’ll be like when you’re 50 Patrick.

Isn’t it funny when you catch yourself lying.

“I feel dinner, eating should be a crechendo. Like,if you eat a bit then stop you forget the true taste. What it was and could have been, but if you just keep piling it in, the muddle of food grows and grows and then STOP, its over” beautiful.
Sol Foster’s Jack Kerrouac-esque style. A postmodernist interpretation of food consumption. One-long-connected-experience. The waking consciousness, the scroll of dinner.
And to finish, like a dessert. This sweet pun.
Indeed, it was a scroll. Jack Kerrouac be proud.
Did that guy have a degree in english? (I wonder out loud).

I need to look up chaos theory.

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